Park Tool - PRS-33.2 Power Lift Shop Stand

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The biggest, strongest, stiffest, most versatile repair stand ever built. We created the PRS-33.2 with professional mechanics in mind, blending a massive upright with the ease and convenience of a powered lift. The size and strength ensures a super rigid workstation able to go higher than ever before and the power lift allows effortless height adjustment for any bike up to 120 pounds (54kg). Perfect for lifting heavy electric bikes or for mechanics with lifting limitations, but also great for easy height changes during a repair or set up. Updated with bigger control buttons, two USB charging ports, larger hanging hooks and the addition of PRS-33TT tool trays. The PRS-33.2 is a single arm stand but can be made into a double arm stand, each independently operated, with the addition of part number PRS-33.2 AOK.


  • Adjustable height from 9" to 78" (23cm–198cm)
  • Integrated work tray and PRS-33TT Tool Tray included
  • Integrated accessory bar to hang wheels, air hoses, lights and just about any other accessory you can think of
  • Electric motor to smoothly lift up to 120 lbs. (54kg)
  • Oversized gussets to mount stand directly to the floor
  • 100-3D Micro Adjust clamp
  • Two #470 Oversized Machine Thread Hooks
  • Full height with base and accessory bar: 94" (239 cm); not using the accessory bar reduces height by 2-3/4"

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