Citrus Fresh Pink 2.5L

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Fenwicks Citrus Fresh Pink - For all chemical toilets

Fenwicks Citrus Fresh Pink Toilet Rinse has a long lasting citrus fragrance. Helps maintain a hygienic toilet. With added slip and lubricity agents it has long lasting performance. Our active ingredients result in a clean hygienic environment.

How to use Fenwicks Citrus Fresh Pink

Add 100ml of Fenwicks Citrus Fresh Pink Toilet Rinse per 5 litres of holding tank capacity and fill with clean water.

How to dispose Fenwicks Citus Fresh Pink

Safe for disposal at dedicated chemical toilet points.

Handy Hints

To compliment Fenwicks Citrus Fresh Pink Toilet Rinse add Fenwicks Citrus Fresh Blue Toilet Cassette Fluid to the cassette or toilet tank system.

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