Sigma LED Road Brake Light

Cycle Science

  • $22.99
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Ideal for all road cyclists or group rides. Each time you press the rear brake lever it activates the high power LED red rear light to indicate that you are braking so anyone behind you will see and react and avoid any crashes.

  • Attaches to all rear brake cables. NB The cable needs to be 25mm in length for the brake light to fit
  • Tighten up the bolt on the brake cable - Job complete
  • Emits a Ultra Bright red LED light each time the brake lever is pressed
  • Runs on a replacable CR1025 battery
  • The light measures 3cm x 3cm
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Water resistant housing - Very durable
  • Weight 6gms
  • Light will last a 100,000 braking actions before the battery needs to be replaced
  • Sigma - Product of Germany

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