BNB Bike Carrier Ranger Pro

BNB Bike Carrier Ranger Pro

Cycle Science

  • $199.00
Tax included.

Introducing the Ranger Pro Bike Carrier from BNB Racks, a leading supplier of quality and affordable Bike Racks. Their mission is to create the safest and most functional bike carriers in the market and the Ranger Pro is no exception, this two Bike rack will mount to any 4WD, Car or larger vehicle with a rear spare wheel. Manufactured from high tensile steel and featuring patented anti-sway multifaceted bike holders, a compact and fold able design with minimal fitting required so that you can get on the road and into the trails faster.

● Mounts to cars with spare tire

● Built with high strength steel and reinforced plastic

● UV resistant powder coating finish

● Adjustable arms to offset your centered or off-centered tire

● Bike holders are adjustable to fit various bike frames

● Safety strap included 

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