Basil - Polkadot Big Bicycle Bell


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Easily attached to the handlebars of your bike, this bicycle bell not only increases safety on the road, but instantly adds personality to your bicycle. Extra large for easier access and a more audible noise, this bell make an instant impression and are guaranteed to become firm favourites. These bell come in vibrant polka dot prints that you’ll love. The bell has a diameter of 80 mm, meaning you’ll never get lost in the crowd. Keep yourself audible to traffic and pedestrians, and alert other cyclists to your presence with ease. This bell is a perfect match to the Katharina Shoulder Bag and Double Bag, not to mention the coordinating Saddle Bag. Looking for more original Basil designs and bicycle accessories? Browse the complete collection online today.


  • Extra large bell with a diameter of 80 mm.
  • 4pc dsiplay box containing four different colour bells.
  • Eye-catching polka dot design.

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